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DON'T WORRY, there will still be a virtual race this year! 

august 14-28, 2021

During this 2 week period, at your own pace you will need to do the following: 





Download a Running application to track your running distance and pace. Suggestions: Nike Run, Runkeeper, Strava running, Pumatrac Runtastic and more. Make sure if you are new to the app to do a couple of short practice runs to make sure you know how to stop and start the app.

Complete your 5KM Trail run, depending on what option you registered for. Take a screenshot of your tracked run from your running APP and send it to the FB Group or the email address. Your time will be entered into our online race platform, "It's Your Race."

Wherever you are running, Make sure that you are prepared for potential wildlife in the area. Have a check-in and or Buddy system in place

We will announce 5 challenges to complete in any order you choose and post your Video &/or picture proof to the FB Group or email address. For each challenge you complete, you will be entered into the draw for the corresponding prize. ALL Challenges can be modified to your comfort level:)



What you get with your registration fees
5 chances to WIN sweet prizes valued at over $100/each by completing each of the 5 fitness challenges. 
You can participate in Miserbale Miles Virtual from anywhere!
You will be added to a Facebook group to share and support other races participating in the virtual event
What does my registration fee go toward?

5 locally purchased prizes for Challenges Valued at $100 each. 

Plus Miserable Miles has already donated $1000 to Packed Packs with Rotaract, to supply backpacks stuffed with school supplies for local students in need this September. 

Miserable Miles loves to support local and if the virtual race is more successful then we anticipated we will look into putting any excess funds back into the community. Last year we donated over $10,000 in registration fees to 3 different non-profit mental health groups and the Misery Mountain Ski Club.





(780) 615-4554

Thanks for submitting!

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